JEE Main Rank Predictor 2024

JEE Main Rank Predictor 2024
Enter your JEE Main score to predict CRL in the JEE Main exam 2024

JEE Main College Predictor

JEE Main Rank Predictor is a tool designed to help students who have taken the JEE Main exam estimate their probable rank based on their score or percentile. It can be quite valuable for aspirants to get an idea of where they stand among other candidates and what colleges they might have a chance of getting into.

The JEE Main rank predictor works by taking into account several factors, such as the difficulty level of the exam, the number of students who appeared for the exam, and the student's category, preferred branch, and state of eligibility. Based on these factors, the tool generates a predicted rank for the student.

The tool uses a statistical model that is based on previous year's data and trends to predict the student's rank in the exam. The model takes into account the difficulty level of the exam and the distribution of scores among the candidates to generate a predicted rank for the student.

JEE Advanced Rank Predictor 2024JEE Advanced College Predictor 2024
JEE Main College Predictor 2024JEE Main Rank Predictor 2024

Display of Provisional Answer Keys - JEE Main 2024 Session 1

National Testing Agency (NTA) recently conducted the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main for the 2024 Session 1, spanning several dates in January and February. The examination took place at 544 unique centers spread across 291 cities within India, including 21 cities outside the country. Specifically, the exam for B.Arch. & B.Planning (Paper 2A & Paper 2B) was held on January 24, while for B.E./B.Tech. (Paper 1), it was conducted on January 27, 29, 30, 31, and February 1, 2024. In the aftermath of these examinations, the NTA has taken the initiative to release the Provisional Answer Keys for Paper 1 (B.E./B.Tech.), Paper 2A (B.Arch.), and Paper 2B (B. Planning).

These answer keys, along with the question papers containing recorded responses, have been made available on the official website Candidates are encouraged to review these materials and raise any challenges they may have regarding the answers provided. This step aims to ensure transparency and fairness in the evaluation process, allowing candidates the opportunity to address any discrepancies they may identify.

About JEE Main

JEE Main is one of India's most competitive engineering entrance tests. It provides a gateway to top engineering colleges across the country, including the famed Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), National Institutes of Technology (NITs), and other government and private engineering institutes. The National Testing Agency (NTA) administers the exam twice a year, in January and April.

Importance Of JEE Main Rank

The JEE Main Rank is critical for those who want to pursue a profession in engineering. It reflects their academic success as well as their ability to excel in the field. Colleges utilise the rank to select prospects for admission to engineering programs, as well as to establish a student's eligibility for various scholarships and financial aid. A higher rank improves one's chances of admission to premier engineering schools, which provide outstanding academic and research possibilities as well as a strong industry interface.

JEE Main Rank Predictor Benefits

JEE Main Rank Predictors for 2024 come with a handful of benefits for aspiring engineers.

  • Early Assessment: Before the official results are out, a rank predictor gives you a glimpse of your possible performance, offering a preliminary understanding of where you stand compared to other candidates.
  • College Planning: Based on your predicted rank, you can start researching and shortlisting colleges and branches that fall within your expected range. This allows for more informed decision-making during the crucial counseling phase.
  • Managing Expectations: Understanding your potential rank can help set realistic expectations about your college admissions prospects. This can reduce stress and anxiety, preventing disappointment later.
  • Identifying Improvement Areas: Comparing your predicted rank with your target rank can highlight areas where you need to improve for future attempts, like the April session or JEE Advanced.
  • Boosting Confidence: A good predicted rank can be a morale booster, motivating you to continue your preparation with renewed energy and focus.
  • Predicts Rank: One of the major benefits of using a JEE Main Rank Predictor is that it predicts a student's rank in the JEE Main examination based on their expected or actual score. This can be helpful for students to plan their further course of action in terms of choosing colleges, courses, and specializations.
  • Saves Time: Using a JEE Main Rank Predictor tool can save time for students, as they don't have to manually check their ranks and calculate the scores. The tool does the work for them, and they get instant results.
  • Helps Plan College Applications: The JEE Main Rank Predictor tool helps students plan their college applications based on their predicted rank. Students can use the tool to check their chances of getting admission to various colleges and courses based on their rank.
  • Customizable: The tool is customizable, as it allows students to choose their category, preferred branch, and state of eligibility to generate personalized results.
  • Accurate Predictions: The JEE Main Rank Predictor tool uses advanced algorithms and previous year's data to predict a student's rank in the exam, making the predictions more accurate.
  • Free of Cost: JEE Main Rank Predictor tools are free of cost, and students can use them multiple times to predict their rank.

How To Use JEE Main Rank Predictor 2024

Using a JEE Main Rank Predictor can be a valuable step in gaining insights into your potential rank before the official results are declared. Here's a guide on how to use a JEE Main Rank Predictor:

  • Go to JEE Main rank predictor tool link.
  • Enter your expected or actual score in the JEE Main exam.
  • Select your category, preferred branch, and state of eligibility.
  • Click on the "Predict Rank" button.
  • The tool will generate a predicted rank based on your inputs.
  • You can also check your chances of getting admission into various colleges based on your rank.

Note: Keep in mind that the JEE Main Rank Predictor provides an estimate and may not be 100% accurate. Use the prediction as a guideline to set realistic goals, make informed decisions about college choices, and plan your future academic endeavors.

Features Of JEE Main Rank Predictor

  • User-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.
  • Accurate predictions based on advanced algorithms and previous year's data.
  • Customizable options such as category, preferred branch, and state of eligibility to generate personalized results.
  • Multiple college options to choose from, helping students make informed decisions.
  • Regular updates to keep up with changes in the exam pattern and criteria.
  • Option to share the results with friends and family.
  • Free to use with no additional fees or charges.

JEE Main Percentile Score 2024

In the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main, your percentile score tells you how you performed compared to other test-takers. It indicates the percentage of candidates who scored equal to or below you. Percentile scores are relative, so their value depends on the year and competition. Don't solely rely on percentiles, also consider your rank and preferred colleges.

Why JEE Main Score announced in the percentile?

JEE Main is conducted in multiple sessions over several days. To ensure fairness and account for variations in difficulty levels between sessions, percentiles are used. This means a student who scores 90 in a slightly tougher session might have a higher percentile than someone who scores 95 in an easier session. Percentiles provide a clear picture of a student's performance relative to other candidates, more meaningful than absolute marks alone.

NTA applies a normalization process to adjust for any minor differences in difficulty levels between sessions. This ensures that students from different sessions are evaluated fairly, even if their raw marks might differ slightly. Percentiles are calculated to a high degree of precision (usually 7 decimal places) to reduce ties between candidates. This makes the ranking process more accurate and fair, especially in a highly competitive exam like JEE Main.

How to calculate the JEE Main Percentile?

While you can't calculate your exact percentile yourself, here's the general formula used by NTA:

Percentile Score = (100 x Number of candidates who scored equal to or less than you) / (Total number of candidates in your session)

Steps Involved:

  1. Normalizing Scores: NTA applies a normalization process to adjust for minor differences in difficulty levels between exam sessions. This ensures fairness in comparing scores across different sessions.
  2. Arranging Scores in Descending Order: All normalized scores for a particular session are arranged in descending order, creating a rank list.
  3. Counting Candidates Below or Equal to Your Score: Your rank on this list determines your percentile score.

What is good score in JEE Main?

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main is a highly competitive exam in India, and the definition of a "good score" can vary depending on several factors, including the difficulty level of the paper, the overall performance of candidates in a particular year, and the specific cutoffs set by different colleges and institutes.

To determine whether a particular score is good or not, you should research the cutoff scores of the colleges you are interested in and aim to score above those cutoffs. Additionally, it's advisable to consider other factors such as your category (general, OBC, SC, ST), as some colleges may have different cutoffs for different categories.

JEE Main Marks Vs Rank Vs Percentile (Expected)

Score out of 300RankPercentile
286- 29219-1299.99826992- 99.99890732
280-28442-2399.99617561 - 99.99790569
268- 279106-6499.99034797 - 99.99417236
250- 267524-10899.95228621- 99.99016586
200-2144667-286399.57503767- 99.73930423
189-1996664- 483099.39319714- 99.56019541
175-18810746-715299.02150308 - 99.3487614
95-10176260-6699993.05600452 -93.89928202
89-9487219-7811192.05811248 -92.88745828
79-88109329-9014490.0448455 -91.79177119

JEE Main Percentile vs AIR 2024

S. No.Percentile ScoreCRL All India Rank
1100.0000000 - 99.99868931-50
299.9986893 - 99.996063851-100
399.9960638 - 99.9880635101-200
499.9880635 - 99.9653134201-500
599.9653134 - 99.9213162501-1000
699.9213162 - 99.87918331001-1500
799.8791833 - 99.83726751501-2000
899.8372675 - 99.79232442001-2500
999.7923244 - 99.74744272501-3000
1099.7474427 - 99.70649843001-3500
1199.7064984 - 99.66356623501-4000
1299.6635662 - 99.62002774001-4500
1399.6158952 - 99.57864814501-5000
1499.5786481 - 99.49291455001-6000
1599.4929145 - 99.40657296001-7000
1699.4065729 - 99.32366767001-8000
1799.3236676 - 99.24223228001-9000
1899.2422322 - 99.14770109001-10000
1999.1477010 - 98.724554310001-15000
2098.7245543 - 98.284402615001-20000
2198.2844026 - 97.843646720001-25000
2297.8436467 - 97.413951325001-30000
2397.4139513 - 96.518086630001-40000
2496.5180866 - 95.617357440001-50000
2595.6173574 - 90.778864250001-100000
2690.7788642 - 86.7016167100001 - 150000
2786.7016167 - 82.4302024150001 - 200000
2882.4302024 - 74.0562881200001 - 300000
2974.0562881 - 66.0561449300001 - 400000
3066.0561449 - 57.8721797400001 -500000
3157.8721797 - 49.3839441500001 - 600000
3249.3839441 - 40.435683600001 - 700000
3340.435683 - 31.5324946700001 - 800000
3431.5324946 - 21.7891302800001 - 900000
3521.7891302 - 11.6646109900001 - 1000000
3611.6646109 - 01000000 - 1100000

JEE Main Marks vs Percentile 2024

S. No.MarksPercentile Score
1300-280100.0000000 - 99.9986893
2280 - 26799.9986893 - 99.9960638
3267 - 25499.9960638 - 99.9880635
4254 - 23699.9880635 - 99.9653134
5236 - 21999.9653134 - 99.9213162
6219 - 20999.9213162 - 99.8791833
7209 - 20199.8791833 - 99.8372675
8201 - 19499.8372675 - 99.7923244
9194 - 18899.7923244 - 99.7474427
10188 - 18399.7474427 - 99.7064984
11183 - 17999.7064984 - 99.6635662
12179 - 17599.6635662 - 99.6200277
13175 - 17299.6158952 - 99.5786481
14172 - 16699.5786481 - 99.4929145
15166 - 16099.4929145 - 99.4065729
16160 - 15699.4065729 - 99.3236676
17156 - 15299.3236676 - 99.2422322
18152 - 14899.2422322 - 99.1477010
19148 - 13399.1477010 - 98.7245543
20133 - 12298.7245543 - 98.2844026
21122 - 11498.2844026 - 97.8436467
22114 - 10797.8436467 - 97.4139513
23107 - 9797.4139513 - 96.5180866
2497 - 8896.5180866 - 95.6173574
2588 - 6695.6173574 - 90.7788642
2666 - 5490.7788642 - 86.7016167
2754 - 4786.7016167 - 82.4302024
2847 - 3882.4302024 - 74.0562881
2938 - 3074.0562881 - 66.0561449
3030 - 2566.0561449 - 57.8721797
3125 - 2157.8721797 - 49.3839441
3221-1549.3839441 - 40.435683
3315-1040.435683 - 31.5324946
3410-531.5324946 - 21.7891302
355-0021.7891302 - 11.6646109
36 11.6646109 - 0

JEE Main Marks Vs AIR 2024

No.MarksCRL All India Rank
2280 - 26751-100
3267 - 254101-200
4254 - 236201-500
5236 - 219501-1000
6219 - 2091001-1500
7209 - 2011501-2000
8201 - 1942001-2500
9194 - 1882501-3000
10188 - 1833001-3500
11183 - 1793501-4000
12179 - 1754001-4500
13175 - 1724501-5000
14172 - 1665001-6000
15166 - 1606001-7000
16160 - 1567001-8000
17156 - 1528001-9000
18152 - 1489001-10000
19148 - 13310001-15000
20133 - 12215001-20000
21122 - 11420001-25000
22114 - 10725001-30000
23107 - 9730001-40000
2497 - 8840001-50000
2588 - 6650001-100000
2666 - 54100001 - 150000
2754 - 47150001 - 200000
2847 - 38200001 - 300000
2938 - 30300001 - 400000
3030 - 25400001 -500000
3125 - 21500001 - 600000
3221-15600001 - 700000
3315-10700001 - 800000
3410-5800001 - 900000
355-00900001 - 1000000
36 1000000 - 1100000

Free JEE Main Rank Predictor

GLN Admission Advice Pvt Ltd offers a range of free and valuable tools for JEE Main and JEE Advanced aspirants, designed to simplify the complex process of college admission. Among their suite of services is a free JEE Main Rank Predictor, allowing students to estimate their potential ranks based on their exam performance.

Additionally, the platform provides tools such as the:

  • JEE Main College Predictor.
  • JEE Advanced College Predictor.
  • JEE Advanced Rank Predictor.
  • JoSAA College Predictor.


Q. What is a JEE Main rank predictor?

A JEE Main rank predictor is a tool that estimates your likely rank in the JEE Main exam based on your score or percentile, along with other factors like category and state of eligibility. It helps you get a preliminary idea of where you stand compared to other candidates.

Q. How accurate is the JEE Main rank predictor?

A. The accuracy of the JEE Main rank predictor depends on various factors, such as the reliability of the tool and the accuracy of the data provided by the candidate. The actual rank may also vary from the predicted rank due to various factors, such as the difficulty level of the exam, the number of candidates who appeared for the exam, and more.

Q. Can I use the JEE Main rank predictor before the exam?

A. Yes, candidates can use the JEE Main rank predictor before the exam by entering their expected score based on their performance in mock tests or other practice tests.

Q. Can I use the JEE Main rank predictor for Paper 2 (Architecture)?

A. Yes, there are JEE Main rank predictor tools available that allow candidates to predict their rank for Paper 2 (Architecture).

Q. Is it necessary to use a JEE Main rank predictor tool?

A. No, using a JEE Main rank predictor tool is not necessary. However, it can help candidates estimate their expected rank and plan their college applications accordingly.

Q. Are there any fees for using a JEE Main rank predictor tool?

A. No, JEE Main rank predictor tools are for free online and do not require any fees. 

Q. Can a JEE Main Rank Predictor be used for both January and April sessions?

A. Yes, you can use a JEE Main Rank Predictor for both the January and April sessions. However, in order to achieve an accurate prognosis, students must submit the relevant details for the corresponding sessions.

How does a JEE Main rank predictor work?

JEE Main rank predictors use advanced algorithms to analyze your percentile, marks, and other relevant data. They then compare this information with historical trends to generate an estimated rank.

Can I trust the predicted rank from a JEE Main rank predictor?

While JEE Main rank predictors are reliable, it's essential to remember that they provide estimates. Factors such as changes in exam patterns or difficulty levels may impact accuracy.

Can I use a JEE Main rank predictor if I appeared for the exam in a different state?

Yes, you can use a JEE Main rank predictor even if you appeared for the exam in a different state. The JEE Main rank predictor tools available are designed to work based on your performance in the examination, irrespective of the state in which you appeared for the test.

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