Kirodimal Institute Of Technology Raigarh

Kirodimal Institute of Technology (KIT) Raigarh  has established itself as a premier engineering education institute. KIT has consistently strived to provide its students with quality education, practical training, and industry exposure since its inception in 2000, making them highly sought-after professionals in the ever-changing world of engineering.  KIT, which is affiliated with Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand … Read more

Indian Institute Of Handloom Technology Janjgir-Champa

Indian Institute of Handloom Technology Janjgir-Champa  (IIHT) is a shining example of excellence in handloom education and research. IIHT was founded in 2006 with the unwavering vision of preserving and promoting India’s rich handloom heritage. Since then, it has grown to become a premier institution, imparting comprehensive knowledge and skills to aspiring handloom professionals. The … Read more

Government Engineering College Raipur

Government Engineering College Raipur (GEC Raipur) is a prominent public engineering college in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India. Since its inception in 2006, the college has emerged as a leading center of technical education and research, producing highly skilled engineers and contributing to the region’s technological advancement. GEC Raipur offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate … Read more

Government Engineering College Jagdalpur 

Government Engineering College Jagdalpur (GEC Jagdalpur) is a public engineering college in Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh, India. It was founded in 1983 and is affiliated with Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai. The college provides Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) programs in a variety of engineering disciplines, including Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and … Read more

Government Engineering College Bilaspur

Government Engineering College Bilaspur (GEC Bilaspur) is a premier public engineering institute in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, India. The college, which was founded in 1964, is affiliated with Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University (CSVTU) and is accredited by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). GEC Bilaspur is well-known for providing high-quality technical education as well … Read more

Central Institute Of Petrochemicals Engineering & Technology (CIPET)

Central Institute of Petrochemicals Engineering & Technology (CIPET) is a university in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India. It was founded in 1987 and is overseen by the Government of India’s Ministry of Chemicals and Petrochemicals. CIPET provides a wide range of petrochemical engineering and technology courses, including undergraduate and postgraduate programs. It also provides plastics and related … Read more

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Institute of Technology Dollygunj

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Institute of Technology Dollygunj established in 2010, has become known as a prominent academic excellence center in the technical scene. The institute, which is affiliated with Pondicherry University in Pondicherry, is dedicated to creating a dynamic learning environment that provides students with contemporary information and ethical principles.  The institute has been … Read more

Beehive College Of Engineering & Technology, Dehradun

Beehive College of Engineering & Technology, located in the scenic city of Dehradun, is a premier institution dedicated to providing quality education in the field of engineering and technology. Established in the year [insert year], the college has consistently strived to achieve excellence in technical education and has emerged as a preferred choice among aspiring … Read more

Balwant Singh Mukhiya College Of Engineering, Roorkee

Balwant Singh Mukhiya (BSM) College of Engineering, Roorkee, is a prestigious institution known for its commitment to providing quality education in the field of engineering. Established with the vision of nurturing skilled engineers and technocrats, BSM College of Engineering has earned a reputation for its academic excellence, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and industry-oriented approach. The college offers … Read more

Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University Jaunpur

Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University Jaunpur (named after late Shri Veer Bahadur Singh, the state’s previous Chief Minister) was founded on October 2, 1987 as an affiliating university under the U.P. State University Act 1973. Continuous qualitative and quantitative expansion, excellence in academic and administrative operations, and transparent and effective academic administration are some of … Read more

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